Little Bean Embroidery FAQs
(Don't see your question/answer? Email me please, and I will help you out!)

How do I place an order?
-You can either fill out a form to send to me via our website, here. Or you can send me an email directly to

How long do orders take?
-Embroidery, applique, towels (and more) are a 2-3 week wait.

-Tshirt quilts are a 4-6 week wait. (Busy seasons are Graduation and Christmas, so the sooner the better!)

Do I pay now or later?
Quilts require a $100 (for puzzle piece) (or 50% for block style) non-refundable deposit upon ordering. At this point all other orders can be paid in full at time of completion or pick up. I hope to be able to keep this system for custom orders. 

What types of payment do you accept?
At this point we primarily take cash, check, and PayPal. Credit Cards in certain situations.

Where are you located? 
-We work out of our home studio in Hilliard, Ohio. (A Columbus suburb.)


Do you ship?

Yes, we certainly can!  The cost of actual shipping will be added to your total. Items will be mailed once they are paid for.

Do you do embroidery on items if I bring them to you?
The majority of the work that I do is on the items that I carry in my shop. However, if you have something you would like embroidered, you are more than welcome to ask and I will let you know if it is something I can do.  Some things I can, some things I can't/won't (due to the type of machine I have and/or schedule).